8 Main Characteristics of Computer System
8 Main Characteristics of Computer System

Modern day society can’t be imagined without computers. You find computers everywhere around you but do you know what are the main characteristics of a computer. If you don’t know about the main characteristics of a computer then you’re at right place. In this article we are going to highlight the various characteristics of computer system.

Here are the main characteristics of computer System :-

  • Speed : Computers operate at a very high speed as compared to humans. Modern day computers perform millions of instructions per second. From mathematical computations to simple text editing, a computer does it in a blink of an eye. High speed enables user to get desired results in nanoseconds.

  • Accuracy : Unlike humans, computers don’t make mistakes. Computers produces outputs without any ambiguity unless there is some mistake from your end. Computer provides accurate output throughout its work cycle.

  • Diligence : Humans have a tendency to feel tired after doing a work for long time but computer never feels tired even working for 24 hours a day. It diligently provides the desired results to the user 24×7. Even working for long durations computer doesn’t lose its accuracy and speed. There is no effect on efficiency regardless of the time duration it has worked.

  • Versatility : You can perform various operations with the help of your computer. From preparing Excel sheets to watching movies, you can do it all on your computer.
    Modern day computers are multi-purpose device to enhance your daily life.
    Computer is a versatile machine which can perform multiple processes with the same efficiency.

  • Storage : Computer devices store huge amount of data to reuse in future. Modern day computers offer storage capacity upto terabyte range. This helps in storing data according to your own need.

  • Reliability : Computer is a very reliable machine as it gives consistent results without any ambiguity. You can completely rely on the computer because of its high accuracy.

  • No feelings : Computer has no feelings and emotions. It doesn’t feel any pain or pleasure. It works without feeling tired.
    A computer operates on instructions provided by the user.

  • No intelligence of its own : A computer has no intelligence of its own. It works on the instructions provided by its user.
    A computer can’t work without any user.
    A computer can’t take decisions on its own.

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