How Technology Enhances Teaching and Learning in 2020?

As we all know that technology is everywhere around us and in every sector there is
the very biggest role of technology. And now the Education sector is also adopting
Technology for teaching and for learning.

No matter what you are, whether you are a teacher or a student, technology helps
you a lot in taking education and to giving education.

Many schools and colleges adopted the Online classes system and many more
things through technology so that they can teach their students very effectively.

Because of technology a Student and a Teacher both will get many benefits.
So we are gonna discuss in this article How Technology Enhances Teaching and

Now, definitely this article is going to be very interesting and also very informative.
So read this article at the last without skipping any part.

How Technology Enhances Teaching and Learning in 2020?
How Technology Enhances Teaching and Learning in 2020?

How Technology Enhances Teaching and Learning?

Now, the topic is what technology enhances teaching and learning between the
Student and the Teacher? Well there are many ways by which the Education sector
or in learning technology is playing a very big role.

Like you are reading this article so you are learning new things through the computer
or any device you are using and through the Internet, these are also technology and
you are learning many things from it.

There are so many ways by which everyone is learning through technology. So let
me tell you some of those ways by which technology is enhancing teaching as well
as learning.

Smart Boards

In today’s time most schools have adopted the Smart Boards technology. And not
only schools, colleges, institutions and many other education places. So these smart
boards are enhancing the teaching.

As you know that in Smart Boards teachers can explain any topic very easily
because in smart boards there are visual and animation things with sounds which a
student can understand easily instead of books.

So smart boards are helping in education and Smart Boards are technology.

Video Conferencing or Online Classes
Video Conferencing or Online Classes

Video Conferencing or Online Classes

Some years before a teacher and students must have to be in the classroom then
only the teacher can teach students. But now there is nothing like this. Technology
vanishes the distance gap between students and teachers.

Now, many teachers are providing education to the students without going to the
classroom, just students and teachers also sitting at their home and they are
connected through video conferencing. And providing them online classes.

So this is also a part of technology.

Not only video conferencing the teachers and students are connected through
whatsapp and other chatting softwares. So those classes are still going on no matter
how far away the teacher or student is. And this is all possible only through the
Internet or through Technology.

Popular video conferencing:-

Zoom, Google meet, Microsoft teams etc.

Learning Platforms

Nowadays everyone has smartphone devices and a good Internet connection. And
there is no need that you have to be a student if you want to learn through the
internet. The Internet is for each and everyone.

So there are many platforms by which you can learn anything like education, video
editing, blogging, sewing, etc. There are lots and lots of things which you can easily

learn through the Internet or technology. And Youtube is the best Learning platform
available for each and everyone.

Not only youtube there are also many more platforms just use the technology in your
hands that is your mobile phones and computers and search about them. The
Internet is also a learning platform. You can explore many learning websites and
learn so many things through the Internet and Technology.

So it enhances the learning, because you do not have to go anywhere just by sitting
at home you can learn many different things and learning will be more effective than.

Presentation & Projects
Presentation & Projects

Presentation & Projects

In today’s time almost all the students have computers or laptops if not so definitely
everyone has Smartphones. So teachers in schools gave them presentations or
projects regarding any topic or any chapter.

Because through presentation students learn more effectively and easily. And also
because in today’s time almost in every sector there is computer and other advanced
technology so people have to make presentations and other things. That’s why in

schools teachers give presentations to create. To prepare the students for the work
they have to do in future.

So this presentation will also be made through the computer and internet and these
are technologies. So in this way also technology enhances teaching and learning.

Teaching With Computers

As I told you before also that in today’s time every school adopted computer
technology and in every school students learned about computers. So this is the
main thing. Because in every sector there is a computer. In today’s time no work can
be done without the use of a computer.

That’s why every school teacher teaches about the computer and other things
because there is a very huge scope in the computer sector and many people are
earning a very huge amount. And through computers and smartphones and with
other high tech technologies any one can learn new things and what they want to

In technology there is no limitation of learning. Just you have to search about what
you want to learn and then start learning. Technology enhances learning and teaching.


So friends these are very few things the role of technology in our daily life, teaching
and learning is very huge. You can’t imagine that we are fully dependent on
technology now. Nothing can be done without technology, even education also (Technology Enhances Teaching).

I hope you like this article and all you understand about How Technology
Enhances Teaching And Learning? This is a very vast topic. And technology is
very important in our day to day life.

So that is it for today, don’t forget to share this article with your friends and loved
ones so that they also get a chance to learn about this topic and also keep learning.
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