Is it okay to use a laptop while it is charging?
Is it okay to use a laptop while it is charging?

I always get questions about Is it okay to use a laptop while it is charging?. If you have the same queries regarding this issue, this article will help you.

Is it okay to use a laptop while charging?

Yes, it is okay to use a laptop while charging. While charging your laptop will get power directly from your adaptor. A charger will provide extra power to your laptop, which will increase efficiency. While gaming or heavy graphic usage, you should always plug in the charger for a better experience. 

 If you always have your charger plugged into the laptop then you should better remove the battery. Battery at a full charge state has a tendency to lose its battery capacity up to 20% every year.

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While charging, a laptop gets its power directly from the charger, and the battery remains idle in this condition.

There is a simple drill that you can conduct to test it on your own. Download MSI afterburner or any other fps meter and install it. Turn it on and observe the fps meter while playing a game, first

without a charger, then again with a charger. You’ll notice a considerable amount of difference in fps. You’ll observe that you get a higher fps when the charger is plugged in as compared to without charger configuration.

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To increase your battery life here are some tips:

  • Never charge your laptop 100%, it’s better to charge it around 95%. After charging is done, remove the charger.
  • Use a cooling pad or have proper ventilation to save your laptop from heat.
  • Clean the laptop fans once a month to have better airflow to avoid overheating issues.

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