What is firmware?
What is Firmware?

If you are in trouble, What is Firmware and what is the work of firmware? So you
are in the very right place.

Because in today’s article I am gonna to discuss the Firmware with you and all the
things about it. That hoe does it works, what is its use and many more things about

It is a very interesting topic. In your mobile phone or in your computer or any
other device you definitely see Firmware. Because this Firmware is in every device.
So that is the main question why this is in our every device. What is the use of this
Firmware so that every device has it.

So to know all about this you have to read this article at the end without skipping any
part. Because this article is going to be very interesting and informative. So let’s
begin today’s topic.

What is Firmware?

As you all know that in our computer and mobile devices there are Hardware and
Software. So firmware is also related to them. But it is not limited. Like software
and hardware you can only install in limited things or devices.

So in order to know about it firstly you should have the knowledge of
Hardware and Software then only you can be able to easily understand, What is

Now, first of all let’s understand the Software. So, software is a type of instruction or
a function which helps us to interact with a computer or smartphones. And not only
computer devices but also with hardware. As you all know that in our devices the
Operating System is installed so that is also a Software and without it we aren’t able
to run our system or to interact with it.

Secondly, Hardware are those devices which help us to use or to control the
software and other things. Like your computer mouse is a hardware. We can touch
and feel the Hardware. However we can’t touch software. Hardware gives us
output. A printer is also a Hardware and that gives us hard copy or we can say it
pages. And not only Mouse, Keyboard, Printers are hardware but the T.V remote,
Washing machines etc. these are also hardware.

So firmware is related to these things. Firmware is a type of software which is
installed in every Hardware. Yes, it’s a software and every hardware has Firmware.
No matter for what work the hardware is used for.

Traffic lights, Washing Machine, Keyboard, Mouse, T.V remote, Printers etc. Means
each and every hardware has Firmware. Now, let’s talk about how it’s working. What
is the use and work of it in these hardware?

What Is The Work Of Firmware?

Now, as you all know that Firmware is in every Hardware device. So what is the work
of firmware that each and every hardware device needs the Firmware?
So Firmware works like a software for hardware. Let’s take an example of a
Washing Machine, It also has Firmware and it acts like a software. Means the
interaction of the user between the hardware . So when you press any option in the

washing machine like if you increase the speed of the washing machine so the
information you give that information first goes to Firmware then he passes the
information to the components then the speed of the washing machine increases.
And same like on other devices. Overall the meaning is that, the work of it is
to help in the interaction between the User and the Hardware. Same like Software.
And this firmware is pre-installed in every hardware.

Where Firmware is Installed?

Well, as you all now know what is firmware and what is the work of firmware, so
now the question is that in hardwares Where it is installed?
If we talk about the softwares so those are stored in the hard drive of the computer
or in any storage device. But any hardware does not have any type of storage

device. So where is firmware installed in hardwares?
Let me tell you!
In every Hardware device, no matter it is any home appliance, traffic light, or your
computer components. Each and every hardware has ROM and Firmware is
installed in this.

ROM is the only thing where it is stored in every Hardware device. So, I
think this doubt is also cleared.

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Can we Update The Firmware?

The simple answer to this question is Yes. You can update the Firmware of your
hardware devices. But not every hardware device has the feature of Firmware
update. You can only update the firmware of those devices which you can use with
your computer.

If you ever visit the computer management so you notice that there is an option for
every hardwares you attached with your computer that you want to update it or not.
So that is the option for firmware. From there you can update the firmware of your
hardware devices.

But you can’t update the firmware of the washing machine and other things. And yes,
routers also have the option of firmware update.

And the interesting thing about the Firmware is that you can’t change the firmware of
any hardware device or uninstall that. Because it is installed by the manufacturer and
you aren’t able to uninstall or change it.

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So guys, I hope you definitely understand all the things I told you about firmware like
What is Firmware and What is the Work of it? So there is no hardware
without Firmware and without firmware no hardware can work.

I hope you enjoyed this article and you learned something new and interesting
through this article. If yes, so don’t forget to share this article with your friends and
loved ones. Also if you have any doubt in your mind about this topic feel free to ask
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