What is Morse Code & For What Purpose It is Used For
What is Morse Code & For What Purpose It is Used For

We are living in the 21st Century and in today’s time, we have all type of technology
which helps us to live our day to day life. And technology makes our work very much

We have the technology of computers, Laptops, Smartphones and many more
advanced things. And if we talk about communication with these advanced technologies
so there are so many options.

Like you can communicate with someone through voice call, video call, chats and
through many more ways. And to communicate we also have many systems like we
have computers, laptops, smartphones and many more screens through which we can
communicate with anyone.

And Yes, these technologies are breaking all barriers of distance between persons. And
the good thing is that you can talk with many persons at the same time.

So, guys, our today’s topic is related to these things and yes, this article is gonna be
very interesting and also informative. So read this article at the last and don’t miss any

So without spending any more time let’s start our today’s topic which is What is Morse
Code & For What Purpose It is Used For?

What is Morse Code?

In this era, we have many advanced things which make our work easier. But would you
ever think about our ancestors or the life before 200 years?

That time there is no computer, no smartphones, no towers and not any advanced
technology at all. So how they communicate with the people who are at a very far

Of course they use to write letters and send it through a postman to the that person
which they want to receive the letters. And also they used to send letters through
pigeons. Yes, this is true. And if you use these things so you can’t be sure that the letter
is received by the person or not.

And also you can’t write any confidential things in the letter because there is a very high
possibility that the letter can be opened by someone else. So that there is a huge
problem of communication.

That’s why in 1830 the Morse Code was invented by Samuel Morse. This is a very
amazing concept of communication. This is a system which is first used to send
messages through a telegraph system. Especially this was made to do confidential talks
and for easily communicate with the person who are very from our place.

Morse code are the codes in dots (.) and dashes (). These codes are used to communicate. Every alphabet has its code like alphabet “A” has the code “.” and for
alphabet “B” the code is assigned is “_…” and etc. For every alphabet, there is a unique
code and also there are codes for 0 to 9 numbers.

The Morse Keys is a machine which is used to send morse code. And that time it was
very useful and effective. Many people use this to communicate. And also it is very
much easier at that time and also faster than any other communication techniques of
that time.

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Is Morse Code Still Used?

Now, as you all know that What Is Morse Code? And also as you know that this
technology was used many many years ago. Like in 19th century. So now, the question
is that Is Morse Code Still Used? and what is the use of morse code ?

Well, In today’s time we have many advanced technology which we can use to
communicate very easily and also very efficiently.

But the answer of your this question is yes. The morse code is still in use in some
places. But this code is not used by you and me. This technique is used in the navy.

Mostly where network is down there the army and navy persons use this code.
However, there are many more things also which can be used in those situations.

But still, this technique is taught to the army because if in case no communication
technology will work so they can use this technique and also for confidential things.
That’s why this Morse Code is a very amazing and unique concept of Communication.

And this morse code is used with ham radio in today’s time and not only the ham radio
but amateur radio communication can be also used with this morse code technique. The
best thing about this technology is the persons who can’t able to speak English he/she
can also communicate with these morse codes with anyone. And Ham Radio is the best
machine or mostly used machine for the morse code.

Well, Morse Code are not come under advanced technology but still in some places it is
used to communicate. However, in the time of the 19th century, this technology is the
advanced technology. Now, this can be only used by professionals. And in those places
where we can’t use other communication technology.


This morse code comes in the 19th century and before it, people used postman and
letters to communicate. In that time the morse code was specially made for the army
and the special peoples like army men, ministers and other high authorities.

Not only morse ode the thing is that Network or we can say the Internet is also first
made for army men and other high authorities but after that it goes publically and we are
using the Internet now. The purpose is to connect all the authorities in a network.

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